Clinically proven to safely and effectively provide an extra layer of protection against airborne viruses.

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Protection that Lasts up to 6 Hours


Covixyl can be used daily as needed without reducing the effectiveness of the product. Because Covixyl is not a drug, there are no side effects or adverse interactions.


Laboratory testing and clinical trials have proven the power of Covixyl to stop airborne viruses before they gain entry into the body, for up to 6 hours.


The primary ingredient, ELAH (ethyl lauroyl arginate HCl), has been used for decades as a food preservative and in mouthwashes to prevent gingivitis. Testing shows ELAH blocks viral attachment in the nose as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Respiratory viruses primarily enter the body through the nose where they attach to nasal cells and begin to replicate. Covixyl™ creates a physical barrier in the nasopharynx which prevents airborne respiratory viruses from attaching to the cell walls, protecting the body from infection for up to six (6) hours per use. Our scanning-electron microscopy from the University of Wyoming demonstrated this effect. After treating cells with Covixyl™ , then rising the cells with virus, after an incubation period, the control group showed virions emerging from the cells, indicating infection and replication. The treated cells did not exhibit this behavior, indicating a lack of infection.

A summary of the testing to date can be found here.

Covixyl™ is clinically proven safe and effective for anyone over the age of 12. Children under age 12 or women currently pregnant or breast-feeding should consult with a physician before using Covixyl™

Covixyl™ is designed to be complementary to vaccines and other mitigation efforts suggested by health officials. We do not suggest relying solely on Covixyl™ for protection from airborne respiratory viruses.

Yes! In all of the lab testing, Covixyl™ has exceeded expectations. In our human clinical trial on patients with the Delta variant of COVID (the most dangerous variant to date), after a 6-day course of testing, 4 times more patients were found to be infection free versus the placebo group. In our hamster test, 100% of the animals treated with Covixyl™ prior to exposure avoided infection and 100% of the control group became infected, as shown by substantial weight loss. This is seen in the chart below. The control group in blue all showed weight loss in excess of ten percent by day 6 before recovering. Covixyl™ is an important part of your personal protection plan. We encourage you to take all of the precautions available to you. Covixyl isn’t a replacement for these, but is an additional layer that helps you avoid the highly infective strains emerging today, like Omicron BA5. Covixyl™ is also effective in blocking the flu and other viruses from entering the nose. Be sure to continue washing your hands, as hand-to-mouth and hand-to-eye are vectors for viruses to enter the body.
There are no known major side effects from the use of Covixyl™.  When spraying in the nose, one may feel a slight stinging sensation which goes away in a few seconds. This is due to the slightly acidic nature of the formula, which is one of Covixyl’s™ many ways to make life hard on viruses. As Covixyl™ consists entirely of ingredients listed as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) or USP (United States Pharmacopeia), it’s completely safe. This spray is drug-free, alcohol-free and non-toxic.  

Keep the bottle upright, remove the cap and spray in the air until a fine mist comes out. Then, place the nozzle tip just inside your nostril, no more than a quarter inch (1 cm). Angle the bottle backward to direct the spray into the nasal cavity. Spray twice into each nostril. You can either alternate nostrils or spray twice in each.

Covixyl™ is effective for up to six (6) hours and can be reapplied for continuous protection. Covixyl™ can safely be applied more frequently, especially in areas of high risk (crowds at a concert, traveling on public transportation, etc.). If you sneeze or blow your nose strongly, you should reapply.

No. Covixyl™ is not a drug or medicine as it has no metabolic, pharmacological, or immunologic action in the human body. It is purchased without a prescription.

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